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FREE Sarah Brightman Harem Album CD


FREE CDs are just that – you buy various items and get a CD or CDs if you spend enough money  of your choice.

ALL this EXCLUDES Postage costs.

 The CDs if they are a one off will have artwork, and a CD Jewel Case.

 Others will just be a CDR.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Bought in good faith on ebay and I got a CD-R copy instead of the real thing!

Picture for illustrative purposes ONLY

1. Harem (Cançoa do Mar)
2. What a wonderful world
3. It's a beautiful day
4. What you never know
5. The journey home
6. Free
7. Mysterious days
8. The war is over
9. Misere mei (instrumental)
10. Beautiful
11. Arabian nights
12. Stranger in paradise
13. Until the end of time
14. You Take My Breath Away