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Fly 2 Double CD RARE Tracks Sarah Brightman Collectors

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PLEASE NOTE: No Plastic Jewel case you get CD and front CD insert in plastic Sleeve.

This special 2-CD limited-edition album is not a label release and therefore, not available commercially in record stores. Fly 2 was initially only available at the North American La Luna Tour venues in 2000 and 2001.

The first disc is the original 1996 version of Fly (without "Time To Say Goodbye"), while the second disc consists of rare tracks - some unreleased, others previously featured as bonus tracks on CD singles.

2-CD album
Limited release
Nemo Studios


1. Fly
2. Why
3. Murder in Mairyland Park
4. How Can Heaven Love Me
5. Question of Honour
6. Ghost in the Machinery
7. You Take My Breath Away
8. Something in the Air
9. Heaven Is Here
10. I Love You
11. Fly

CD2 Rare Tracks:

1.Once In A Lifetime
2.First Of May
3.How Can Heaven Love Me
4.Desert Rose
5.Do You Wanna Be Loved?
6.Hurry Home
7.The Same Thing To You
9.He Moved Through The Fair
10.Starship Troopers
11.On The Nile
12.How Can Heaven Love Me
13.Once In A Lifetime