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Candice NIght (Blackmore's Night) Black Roses Promo CD Single

Candice NIght (Blackmore's Night) Black Roses Promo CD Single

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Single Track  Promo CD Singel with one track "Black Roses"

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Candice Night: Black Roses was the very first song that I ever wrote by myself. When I first started writing songs by myself was back in 1995, when Ritchie was playing in Rainbow. When the other band members were off doing their tracks, Ritchie and I would be sitting by ourselves by a big raging fireplace in Massachusetts - this is where the studio was, the big old farmhouse. That's where all the Blackmore's Night songs from the first album came from. At that point I was so excited about writing lyrics. You get that jolt of energy and it's something new and you didn't realize that your life was going to turn this way, where you's actually be writing words to songs. First I was a closet poet, but putting the words to an actual song brought it to a whole other dimension. I was so excited that I became very prolific and I had pages and pages of ideas, and of text, and of poems, and of lyrics that I needed set to music. At that point I was so used to relying on Ritchie to provide the music, I'd never thought to do it myself. I didn't even realize that was an option until I came to him and I said Look, I need some more music for some of these words. I'm really getting backlogged. He said I'm so caught up in what I'm doing right now. Write your own music. That was exactly the push that I needed. I thought Oh, what a good idea!

That weekend we went out and we found, I think in the Pennysaver or something, somebody who was moving and they were trying to get rid of an old piano. An elderly couple was trying to get rid of this piano that had been in their family forever. We brought it to the house and it was so out of tune, but it had this kind of old world-y clunky / honky sound to it. Whenever I would sit down at that piano, all of these amazing melodies would come out. They always seemed to be Eastern European based. I don't know if it's something that came with the piano. I'd like to blame it on the spirit that came with the piano. At one point I was writing. I was sitting in my basement which is very very low lit - just colored bulbs there. I was starting to write a song and I looked up at the window in front of me and I saw the reflection of someone standing behind me. It looked like a man in a brown jacket lit from above. I thought it was Ritchie and I thought he was going to criticize what I was playing on the piano, or at least have some advice about it. But he kept quiet and I didn't hear anything. I looked back up again at the reflection, and the reflection was gone. I finished the piece that I was writing, which wound up being Black Roses. I ran upstairs and Ritchie was sitting on the couch watching TV and I said How come you didn't say anything? He said About what? I said Well, weren't you just downstairs standing behind me? He said No, I haven't moved in like an hour and a half. So there was nobody physical behind me, but there was something. Now, when I go down and play on that piano, we say that "Mr Brown" is standing there and watching over what I'm doing. It was our first video as well.