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Blackmore's Night ‎– Fires At Midnight (Special Red Velvet Edition)

20 GBP
Packaged in a red velvet box. Comes with a poster and three band pictures.

1. Written In The Stars

2. The Times They Are A Changin

3. I Still Remember

4. Home Again

5. Crowning of the king

6. Fayre Thee Well

7. Fires At Midnight

8. Hanging tree

9. Storm

10. Mid Winter's Night

11. All Because Of You

12. Waiting Just For You

13. Praetorius (Courante)

14. Benzai-Ten

15.  Village On The Sand

16.  Again Someday (Bonus Track)


17. Possums Last Dance

18. The Times are a Changin' - Video

Tracks 17 and 18 are bonus tracks, exclusive to this edition.